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To build an excellent business, you need highly effective people. Any organisation that truly invests in its staff knows that, amongst other relevant factors, having outstanding managers and leaders is an essential aspect of lasting success. To book courses, use our course finder on this page, call us free on 0800 302 9344 or email us at 

our management courses:

Delegation Skills - Managers, supervisors and team leaders need to know how to delegate. This one-day course gives you the essential skills to become an effective delegator. Upon completion of this course, you will know the skills you need to delegate, from selecting work and personnel through to providing timely and effective feedback.

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Time Management - There are only so many hours in the day and this one-day course aims to identify your key time management issues. It explores common problems ranging from behavioural personality to typical “time bandits” who will steal your time if you let them.

Managing Difficult People - We are all likely to manage or work with difficult people – that’s a fact of life. All managers or team leaders need to know how to manage these individuals, and this one-day course gives you the essential skills to manage and deal with them better.

Presentation Skills - In business, you need to stand out from the crowd and everyone is expected to deliver presentations or pitches at some point in their career. This one-day course demonstrates the techniques and skills you need to make your presentations and pitches really effective. 

Essential Management Skills - Managing staff is a significant responsibility, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Effective management requires many skills that need to be developed in order to do the job competently. This two-day ILM accredited course looks at the essential skills individuals need to be great managers.

Foundation Management Development Programme (FMDP) - Our ILM accredited FMDP is a modular programme aimed at developing individuals into inspirational and motivated leaders and managers. It has a key spine in the form of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment, followed by a series of workshops that are aimed at the essential skills for first-line managers and supervisors.

Coaching Skills for Managers - This two-day ILM accredited course is for individuals who wish to hone their coaching skills. All managers are required to coach members of staff, and this course supplies skills to do it effectively. Delegates have the opportunity to achieve B2 Competent or B1 Highly Competent coach status. 

Managers are responsible for ensuring key targets are met, motivating staff, maintaining standards, problem solving and planning. The best managers drive business to new heights while representing company values and ethos. Therefore, investing in the management layer of a company can pay great dividends and directly have a positive impact on the bottom line. Completing one of our management and leadership courses improves confidence and provides you with a skill set you can use in all typical performance management situations.

We offer accredited courses that will recognise you as a certified professional manager. You will develop highly effective management skills that can be immediately transferred to the workplace. Our courses are held at conveniently located venues throughout the UK. We also offer courses in-house, fully bespoke, tailored to your specific business needs.

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