train the trainer - pathway to being a Certified Professional Trainer

Train the Trainer is our speciality and our flagship accredited courses are Train the Trainer Essentials, Professional Training Techniques (PTT) Train the Trainer, Advanced PTT Train the Trainer and Master Trainer courses. Whether you require a formal qualification to be a trainer or just need to develop your trainer skills further, we have a course for you. Delegates tell us they are the best classes they have ever attended.  See our open course schedule by using the course finder on this page.Effective training delivery

Most courses are accredited by the ILM and can be delivered in-house or by completing an open course.    

You can book courses here online or contact us on 0800 302 9344 - email

We teach real skills focussing on the 5-Pillars of training instruction. The 5-Pillars are Questioning Technique, Structure, Personal Qualities, Aids and Content and we teach these skill sets to a very high level. All the courses have been designed to give you these 'real skills' to be an outstanding trainer.  Many trainers just read PowerPoint slides and this isn't training; we will show you the real skills required to facilitate learning.

If you require skills to deliver 1-2-1 training with a member of staff, a lecture to a group of professionals or a toolbox talk training session to staff, we have a course to suit your particular needs.  We offer accredited courses that will recognise you as a certified professional trainer. You will develop skills to engage and motivate.  Moreover, you will learn how to structure highly effective training that works.

To book, you can book on our website or call us on 0800 302 9344 or email  We look forward to bringing out the fantastic trainer in you.