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All trainers need to know how to design training programmes.  This two-day course provides individuals with the essential skills required to ensure that training does what it is expected to achieve.  Delegates also have the opportunity to design training or bring in already designed training for review and comment by our trainer.

This course explores the essentials that anyone involved in training design should be competent in.  Training has to be designed adequately to work and also to ensure it covers what was identified as a training need in the first place. You can see where and when we are offering this course here.

The course covers the essentials but also provides an opportunity for delegates to meet with an experienced designer to ask questions and seek advice.

The following areas are covered on the course:

The Training Cycle – we review the training cycle to provide a greater understanding of the fundamental elements of the System Approach to Training (SAT). This is an essential process to understand and greater awareness to help the design process significantly.

Identify Training Needs and Effective Planning - Conducting Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and conducting individual and organisational needs to meet Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Improved knowledge on the TNA process will ensure that we are designing the correct training for the right reasons.

Essential Elements for Training Design -  We describe the key design essentials such as training syllabus, lesson plans, handouts, etc.  Templates are offered with guidance and support on their implementation.

Assessment Options - We review and discuss the options to conduct a valid assessment to ensure training is working.  Furthermore, we consider how formal appraisal can be used for accredited programmes.

Design Essentials – the elements that must be considered before we embark on the training process are described and discussed.

Training Materials – key elements are explained and reviewed.  Furthermore, we describe the documentation and materials that need to be produced which includes training syllabus and lesson plans.

Delivery Methods – we look at the training options available to ensure learning has taken place which will include 1-2-1 or group training.

Training Evaluation – we explore the Kirkpatrick model of evaluation to ensure that training is working.  Examples of how this operates in the workplace are discussed, and templates that can be used are explained.

By completing this course you will have greater understanding and knowledge of the process of course design that really works.  

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