train the trainer essentials - training for trainers

Anyone going into training for the first time can be a daunting task.  Not knowing or understanding what training is all about can add additional pressure that can make new trainers nervous and affect performance. 

Train the Trainer Essentials is a one-day course aimed at giving you greater awareness of the essential skills every trainer needs.  This course provides you with the necessary knowledge that new and inexperienced trainers need before honing their delivery skills and covers: 

Characteristics of exceptional trainers – we define the real characteristics of outstanding trainers and what it takes to be one of the best.  Moreover, we explore the pitfalls of poor training delivery and how to avoid them.

Effective communication – we explore the skills needed so that trainers can communicate effectively.  Emphasis is made on questioning and how to ‘train’ and not just ‘tell’.

Structure: what a robust training program looks like – we review an essential structure for effective training delivery including needs analysis and evaluation.

Flipcharts, PowerPoint and Slides: useful visual aids – we have all been subjected to ‘death by PowerPoint’, this section reviews our options and techniques used by the best trainers.

On the course, delegates are taught skills and given examples of how they can be used.  Delegates are then given the opportunity to practise their skills in real-life training environments with support from their trainer.

This course provides delegates with core competencies that all trainers need.  Knowledge and experience gained on this course can be used towards the 2-day accredited Professional Trainer Techniques (PTT) Train the Trainer course.