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Individuals who seek to develop their coaching style are encouraged to enrol in our Coaching Skills course, which has been approved by the ILM. If you are interested in becoming a certified coach or if your leadership or management role requires you to coach staff members as part of your responsibilities, then this course is ideal for you.

This core course will provide you with a fantastic skill set to conduct the role of a coach effectively. This ILM accredited practical based course is a pathway to being a confident professional coach.

The annual pass to Claire's Mind Shift, which is a component of our learning gateway, is included in the price of our online courses. Your education will be supplemented here with online tutorials, and you'll also have access to live online events.

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Course Delivery ByClaire Moody
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Venue information:

Venue:- @Meetings Cheapside

Address:- 107 Cheapside, London, EC2V 6DN

Duration:- Two Days

Public Transport:-  Very close to Bank and St Pauls Underground Stations.

All costs include ILM registration, certification fee, coaching guide and 12 months access to Claire's Mind Shift.

course information and agenda:

Coaching is well understood within organisations, as is its potential for success. Participants in this course will leave with the skills needed to be an effective coach. Some of the learning outcomes for the course include the following:

Understanding coaching and its benefits - Identify differences between coaching, training, mentoring and counselling. The many potential benefits of coaching, both in and out of the workplace, are discussed. When coaching is done right, it has huge benefits for organisations.

The skills required to provide an effective coaching environment -Techniques that work to created change are explained and practised.

Awareness of the impact of your coaching style (MBTI and Kahler behaviour pattern) to provide an effective coaching environment - Your natural preferences are explained, and complement and conflict differences are explored to enhance on relationships. You have to understand how you are seen, not how you think you are seen. It is really important to do your inner work.

How to challenge thinking without alienating the coachee with effective questioning - You will learn to guide and encourage the ownership, which creates improved learning.  Listening skills are developed with the intent to understand and not reply - The majority of people don’t understand that the interventions they make can change the direction of conversation hence not getting to the route of the problem.

A variety of coaching tools and techniques are taught and practised, including:

How to pay attention to instinct rather than language which can create critical change.

Describe how Transactional Analysis is used in coaching to understand your motivations and behaviours. To fully comprehend how you project onto others and the consequences of this in a relationship.

We discuss various tools and techniques, but more importantly, how to avoid relying on them.

Powerful reflection to enhance a coaching session - Delegates learn to self explore, which creates different ways of thinking. The power of reflection is an undeniably valuable technique that must be learned correctly. We examine reflection in action, reflection on action, and reflexivity, as well as various models of reflection.

Explore ethics and contracting - Learn about internal and external contracting and how it affects the coaching relationship. We talk about good coaching practises and how ethics can influence the coaching conversation.

Practise coaching sessions with delegates - Delegates undertake several practise sessions to apply the skills and techniques taught. When learning to be a coach it is all about application and feedback is critical when learning to be an effective coach.

On day two, there is an assessed session that will be assessed against the I.L.M. approved standards.

This course is delivered by an Ashridge accredited MSc Coach. 

Emphasis is made on the application and practise; not just reading theory with an aim for coaching to be fully understood. Delegates will leave the course fully understaning the coaching process and will have skills to start their coaching journey. 

All coaching courses are enhanced by membership in our Mind Shift programme, which provides access to over 150 short power packed video lessons, designed to support, enhance, and grow your coaching knowledge, as well as live on-line sessions for a period of 12 months.

testimonials from clients who have completed this course:

★★★★★ "A fabulous 2 days coaching training with Claire Moody. A new way of thinking and many "light bulb" moments during the course and I am thirsty to continue my development in the future with Claire. I have already put the learning into practice in my work role helping others. I would highly recommend Target Training Associates." Veronica Young, RAFBF.

★★★★★ "Claire’s approach to training and coaching was both knowledgeable and informative. She was warm, energetic, and open to all of my (many) questions. The course was so well designed and organized that I immediately felt comfortable with the material and how it was presented. It was structured yet flexible." Raigan Bastainoni.

★★★★★ "I highly recommend Target Training Associates. For any manager of people, new or experienced, developing yourself through coaching is highly valuable if you truly understand your responsibility to others and to yourself. The staff were amazing; friendly, professional, approachable, sharing and clearly knew their stuff. The coaching experience didn't just help me to enhance my own management skills, it also helped me to reflect on me as a person and showed me how to reach my own personal goals." Irene Greenwood, RAFBF.

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"Are courses accredited?"

ILM Logo

Courses such as PTT Train the Trainer, Advanced PTT Train the Trainer, Master Trainer, Coaching Skills for Managers/Trainers, Master Coach, Presentation Skills, Management Development Programmes and Essential Skills for Managers are all accredited by the ILM. Based in the UK as part of the City & Guilds group they are a leading provider of specialist qualifications.  ILM is also recognised globally and many of their products and services are delivered and enjoyed by customers in many countries around the world.

"Do I have to complete a portfolio or pass an exam to complete the course?"

On courses that are accredited, they are performance assessed.  No portfolios or additional tests or statements are required.  Whilst on the training delegates are shown the skills and techniques required and they are then given opportunities to practise and develop.  During this time our trainers offer support and guidance accordingly. A formal assessment is then conducted at the end of the course and one to one feedback is given focusing on what was done well and areas for development.

"What is the difference between Coaching and Training?"

There are often mistakes regarding understanding the differences between the two methods.

Coaching - A conversation between the coach and the coachee whereby the coachee achieves a higher level and understanding of awareness and self-awareness, while the coach provides a safe environment and structure for that outcome to occur.

Training -  Training is teaching or developing in oneself or others, any skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. Training has specific goals of improving one's capability, capacity, productivity and performance and to maintain, upgrade and update skills throughout working life.

To train, you need to know the skill, to coach you don’t because it is more about the person.

How can these be miss-understood? I know the English language does not help with a ski instructor and a tennis coach, but coaching and training are different. I see the cross between coach and mentor is the same; the key is to understand the boundaries between them all.

In-house Delivery

"Are trainers experienced?"

Our trainers have a vast experience in coaching, training and management and you can see their individual profiles here.  We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible training to our clients and we guarantee it will fit your training need requirements.  

"What about delivery in-house?”

All our courses can be adapted for delivery internally and we have experience of this globally and throughout the UK.  Just contact us for further information.

We have numerous courses running throughout the year and are always happy to provide you with any information about them that you may need. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any of your training requirements on 0800 302 9344.

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