Thrive to Survive: Transforming Your Life


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Ready to make real change? Thrive to Survive – Transforming Your Life is not just a course; it's your catalyst for transformation.

Celebrate the courage to change and step boldly towards the life you deserve. Our comprehensive programme kicks off with an immersive one-day workshop, followed by a tailored 16-week coaching journey.

Delivered by Rob Hames, a trained coach who specialises in men's midlife transformations. Completing this programme you will embrace self-awareness, establish a growth mindset, and set actionable goals.

With our support, you'll not only aim for change – you'll achieve it.

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Course Delivery ByRob Hames
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Course Delivery ByRob Hames
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Are you a middle-aged man going through a significant change in your life?

For many middle-aged men, life can start to feel like a relentless crossroad. The familiar paths of career advancement and family life may no longer provide the same fulfilment or sense of direction as before.

Perhaps the children have grown, the professional ladder seems to end, or personal aspirations have been long shelved for practicality's sake. This period of reflection often brings about a sense of urgency for change, a nagging feeling that now is the time to redefine one's purpose and legacy.

At this juncture, many men find themselves grappling with the discomfort that comes with contemplating significant life changes. The weight of established responsibilities, the fear of the unknown, or even the haunting thought of unmet potential can create a tumultuous inner landscape.

Thrive to Survive – Transforming Your Life is precisely designed for men at this pivotal point. Our program offers not just hope, but a concrete plan for those who have reached a stage where the status quo is no longer enough and the hunger for a meaningful transformation is undeniable.

Congratulations on choosing to make a definitive change in your life! This programme is your roadmap to leaving the comfort zone behind and embracing the ‘what if’ of your potential.

The programme has two distinctive elements:

Part One – A Day Workshop Comprising:

1. Understand Your Why: Delve into the core reasons that fuel your desire for change.

2. Values and Beliefs: Uncover and align your actions with your fundamental values.

3. The 5 Stages of Change: Learn the psychological phases of making lasting changes.

4. Self-Awareness: Gain insight into your habits, thoughts, and behaviours.

5. Mindset Mastery: Transition from a fixed mindset to one of growth and possibility.

6. Goal Setting: Articulate clear, achievable goals for personal progress.

7. Comfort Zone Expansion: Learn strategies to comfortably face new challenges.

8. Celebrating Milestones: Recognize and reward small successes on your journey.

9. Sustained Motivation: Develop habits and consistency to maintain your drive.

10. The Reset Button: Master the ability to reassess and readjust your path when needed.

11. Action Planning: Outline the steps for your upcoming personalized coaching sessions.

Part Two is then available at an optional extra

*Part Two - Post-Workshop Transformation Journey:

• 8 Personal Coaching Sessions Over 16 Weeks: Bi-weekly sessions that build on workshop insights, ensuring accountability and providing ongoing support to solidify change.

• Continuous Coach Access: Between sessions, maintain momentum with email support from your dedicated coach.

• Bonus Alignment Session: Post-programme, a complimentary session to fine-tune your progress and plan future steps.

With Thrive to Survive: Transforming Your Life, you're not just planning for change; you're committing to a journey of growth. This program is designed to stretch you beyond your current limits because growth lives in the realm of challenge.

*This optional element will be explained on the course

Welcome aboard – let's embark on this transformative journey together.

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"Are courses accredited?"

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Courses such as PTT Train the Trainer, Advanced PTT Train the Trainer, Master Trainer, Coaching Skills for Managers/Trainers, Master Coach, Presentation Skills, Management Development Programmes and Essential Skills for Managers are all accredited by the ILM. Based in the UK as part of the City & Guilds group they are a leading provider of specialist qualifications.  ILM is also recognised globally and many of their products and services are delivered and enjoyed by customers in many countries around the world.

"Do I have to complete a portfolio or pass an exam to complete the course?"

On courses that are accredited, they are performance assessed.  No portfolios or additional tests or statements are required.  Whilst on the training delegates are shown the skills and techniques required and they are then given opportunities to practise and develop.  During this time our trainers offer support and guidance accordingly. A formal assessment is then conducted at the end of the course and one to one feedback is given focusing on what was done well and areas for development.

"What is the difference between Coaching and Training?"

There are often mistakes regarding understanding the differences between the two methods.

Coaching - A conversation between the coach and the coachee whereby the coachee achieves a higher level and understanding of awareness and self-awareness, while the coach provides a safe environment and structure for that outcome to occur.

Training -  Training is teaching or developing in oneself or others, any skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. Training has specific goals of improving one's capability, capacity, productivity and performance and to maintain, upgrade and update skills throughout working life.

To train, you need to know the skill, to coach you don’t because it is more about the person.

How can these be miss-understood? I know the English language does not help with a ski instructor and a tennis coach, but coaching and training are different. I see the cross between coach and mentor is the same; the key is to understand the boundaries between them all.

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"Are trainers experienced?"

Our trainers have a vast experience in coaching, training and management and you can see their individual profiles here.  We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible training to our clients and we guarantee it will fit your training need requirements.  

"What about delivery in-house?”

All our courses can be adapted for delivery internally and we have experience of this globally and throughout the UK.  Just contact us for further information.

We have numerous courses running throughout the year and are always happy to provide you with any information about them that you may need. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any of your training requirements on 0800 302 9344.

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