Listen some of us like schedule and planning, it feels good to have a plan of things to do today and for the week and even further.

Is this you?


Are you the last-minute, spontaneous more casual individual who prefers to leave things to the last minute?

Nothing wrong with being either or being both, but how does this affect the training room?

As a trainer, if you don’t set out the day and explain the structure of what is going to come the planners will feel frustrated and irritated. They will be the first to ask what time is lunch, coffee breaks, etc.

For the others, they don’t care too much because they know it’s coming and will only ask just before.

These two opposites view each other very differently. One sees the other as irresponsible whilst the other is seen as a nag.

Who are you?

I go into this in much more detail in module 2 on our Training Gateway. You have to understand people’s behavior and how this affects a training room.

Not only is it important when delivering training it is also very important to understand how you generally come across.

You always have to think of the potential conflict.

We know Training is much more than just a skill and sadly some people prefer to stay the same, the problem is they will get left behind. When you understand that training is so much more than a skill you are taking a massive step forward.

Not only have I put the lessons together for the gateway I have put some reflective questions and templates to help you understand yourself and others around you.

I am immensely proud that we at Target Training are guiding people on not only how to train correctly and effectively, but that we are also going the extra mile. Those of you who have signed up now know how Target works, we care passionately about coaching and training being delivered professionally.

You can see more information on our gateway here.