July 2022

  1. Training is so much more than a skill

    Training is so much more than a skill
    Those Apps on our phone? Listen some of us have apps on our phones that we don’t want. Look at your phone and how much tidying up does it need? Be honest with yourself, I bet you could delete a few. Now I link the Apps on my phone to habits, how many habits do I want to get rid...
  2. Are you a planner?

    Are you a planner?
    Listen some of us like schedule and planning, it feels good to have a plan of things to do today and for the week and even further. Is this you? Or Are you the last-minute, spontaneous more casual individual who prefers to leave things to the last minute? Nothing wrong with being either or being both, but how does this...
  3. I Don't Talk Cry!

    I Don't Talk Cry!
    A recent comment was made in the training room. “I don't talk cry” What’s your reaction? As a trainer, we are going to meet every mindset. How do you deal with this in a training room knowing this sort of comment may not land very well with everyone in the group. Well, what is going on here is based on...

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