December 2020

  1. Making decisions

    Making decisions
    This time of year is a fantastic time for deciding to make a change. The New Year is fast approaching ahead, and many feel that this is a perfect opportunity to change. You know what, I agree, and I love the New Year for this opportunity to make positive changes using the power of making decisions. Making decisions is so...
  2. A very merry Christmas

    A very merry Christmas
    We just wanted to wish all our clients, friends and associates a fantastic Christmas. It has been such a bizarre year; we know that many people have struggled and we also know that many people are worried and concerned about the future. However, we also know that we are getting through this. One day, we will look back on this...
  3. Having goals and targets

    Having goals and targets
    Throughout my life, I have always loved having a goal. For me, it gives a focus, and if I put a timeline on the goal, then I have a deadline too. I like to have a deadline; for me, it is a dream with a deadline. This is a fantastic time of year for setting goals and targets for the...
  4. Coaching supervision

    Coaching supervision
    There are so many coaches and different coaching certificates that it is difficult to decide where to go to receive quality coaching. Most importantly, where do the coaches go to develop? I think it is essential to understand “what is a good coach” and “what is a good supervisor”. The main point of this blog is who looks after the...

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