August 2020

  1. Trying to get the ball in a basket without a ball!

    Trying to get the ball in a basket without a ball!
    Quite a tall order isn’t it?  How can you expect a task to get done if you don’t have the capability or resources to do it?  This is happening all the time with training, and it’s wasting valuable time and money that businesses can’t afford to lose. Ball in the basket - a relatively straightforward task really when we have...
  2. Confidence

    Confidence is such a vast area in all of us, have you ever reflected on how confident you are already, flipping it to a positive from a negative, thinking about it differently. In my coaching practice, confidence appears so often. I think sometimes people don't realise how confident they are already. The word confidence is interpreted in so many ways...
  3. Use the bathtub!

    Use the bathtub!
    On our management and train the trainer courses I am fortunate enough to meet some great people.  One thing that always surprises me though, is the lack of feedback given by managers and trainers to members of staff or individuals we are training. Whether you're a manager or a trainer, you need to know how to give effective feedback.  Not only...
  4. What is shame?

    What is shame?
    Have you ever thought about what your shame is? We all carry shame in some way, for example, feeling embarrassed and guilty about something. Your belief system of not feeling good enough or others are better than you is not a nice feeling. As a coach, you need to be aware when your client sat in front of you the...
  5. Beirut - they need our help

    Beirut - they need our help
    I am fortunate I have been able to travel to some fantastic parts of our planet both for please and work. Working overseas is always an excellent experience for me; you get to experience different cultures and meet some fantastic people along the way. Without a doubt, the best place I have worked in is Beirut. I remember the first...
  6. Creating the right climate for learning - 4 top tips

    Creating the right climate for learning - 4 top tips
    When I’m delivering training, I often get lots of great feedback from evaluations that say things like “Made to feel welcome from the very start” which I love.  I take so much pride in helping people learn in a great environment. After all, this is this one of my most important jobs of the day, but why is this the...

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