November 2020

  1. Appearing vulnerable

    Appearing vulnerable
    A recent survey amongst managers found that appearing vulnerable was one of the top fears managers fear the most. Feeling vulnerable can cover a multitude of areas but common to the feeling of being caught out. In other words, the belief that we are going to be found making a mistake or possibly showing a weakness. This way of thinking...
  2. Developing as a Trainer, which path suits you?

    Developing as a Trainer, which path suits you?
    As a Trainer, the skills you need to develop may come easy to you, and if so, you’re definitely one of the lucky ones! It would amaze you how many people who have great natural trainer attributes don’t realise, and they also doubt themselves hugely.  When that amazing potential is untapped though, they start to absolutely flourish and to witness...
  3. The power of decision making

    The power of decision making
    I recently made a decision that had been long coming but took a while to make. Once I made this and then acted on this, the feeling afterwards I cannot underestimate. The power of making the choice I made created a shift in my outlook. The fascinating thing is once this was made the avenues and roads just seemed to...
  4. It’s got to be perfect

    It’s got to be perfect
    Of course, it is perfectly natural to want to be perfect, and I would say it’s a great trait to have in the workplace.  Individuals who constantly want to improve want to do a great job and we all like working with people who want to do that.  When we were young we were happy to make mistakes, we learnt...
  5. Reflection on remote delivery

    Reflection on remote delivery
    As we enter our next lockdown, the use of technology once again comes into peoples minds. Like many training companies, we have had to adapt over the past eight months. We have had to change and learn like everyone; although we initially went into the world of remote delivery as sceptics. We are now delivering many courses remotely, and you...
  6. New JCRM website live

    New JCRM website live
    Our brand new publishing website is now live. You can visit our site by going to If you visit our site you can download our free mini development guide 'Developing Courage'. The guide is aimed at giving you an opportunity to think about your confidence in a different way. You can also see our range of guides and journals...

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