May 2021

  1. Adversity bucket list

    Adversity bucket list
    Ever thought about building your own “Bucket List” for dealing with your Adversity? I recently did a set of workshops in Dealing with Adversity, a compelling reflective set of workshops. After exploring our life journeys and the Adversity, we have all had to deal with, I felt it would be a good idea that the group would benefit from creating...
  2. Opening up in London

    Opening up in London
    Ralph and Claire went to London at the weekend, to check our things were looking for the opening up of everything today, 17th May. We have our HQ offices at Cheapside, and we wanted to check in there and see how things were going. It had been a year since we were there, and although the staff had been brilliant...
  3. How our Life Scripts affect our relationships

    How our Life Scripts affect our relationships
    It is a fascinating experience reflecting on yourself and how you react in different situations with different people. What is even more fascinating is where it comes from. Every one of us is unique, and exploration with our thoughts, feelings and behaviours is just the most incredible journey. I have had some amazing sessions with clients, and seriously the WOW...
  4. Why is Coaching Supervision so important and needed?

    Why is Coaching Supervision so important and needed?
    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is essential if, as a coach, we want to develop. There are so many coaches and different coaching certificates that it can be challenging to decide where to go to receive quality executive coaching. But, most importantly, where do coaches go to develop further? I think it is essential to understand what a good supervisor can...

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