September 2020

  1. New module for PTT

    New module for PTT
    The last six months have had a massive impact on the training sector. We have had to adapt significantly, and what we thought was going to be a temporary measure has now become the norm. We have changed! The reality is that we now have to train people remotely, and this can add additional pressure on trainers, who now not...
  2. Getting people on our side

    Getting people on our side
    Why is it that we get some people working with us and others seem to work against us; no matter what we do to try and get along with them or convince them to work with us? It can be at the minimum a frustration and in the worst cases stressful and career-threatening! Well, people 'buy-in' to people they like...
  3. Positive, Mental Attitude

    Positive, Mental Attitude
    What is a positive mental attitude? There is a recurring theme in life that if you have a more positive mental attitude that you will be more successful, healthy, happier, and have more energy to deal with the adversity that life throws at you. From my performance coaching background, this is a mindset I have helped and guided others to...
  4. Training, it’s really about changing habits

    Training, it’s really about changing habits
    I am fortunate, and I get to deliver training to some fantastic people and most want to learn skills.  It could be skilled on how to be a great leader or an excellent trainer.  People come to training to learn skills, and I understand that I like learning skills too.  However, the reality is something different, and when you understand...

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