Do you find yourself stuck in life? One of those questions you sometimes have to ask yourself as you face the day to day routine with no change. Some of us like this, the majority don’t, so why is this? Ask yourself the question what would you like to be different? Look at three areas in your life, career, life, and relationship and break them down to see if you think change is needed. Ask yourself a question, what is important to you? Look at your values and what you would really like. When it comes to change do you feel you need to resist this? Is it the uncertainty that holds you back or do you have fear with change? Sometimes this happens due to circumstances that you may have had in your life before. The key is to start, make a decision and start the process then once you do this you will be starting the change. Look at the three areas and give yourself a goal in each of them, remember this will be a long-term goal. Then start the process making little changes to move towards your goal. This is where I believe journals are fantastic to push and drive the change, forcing yourself. Writing allows you to see the changes happening, writing every day works. This forces in new behaviour, it makes you look at the words you have written to see if anything else jumps out. Sometimes you will write the same words, is this stuckness again? Then look for what you could do differently, it really is fantastic because it creates creativity. Feel confident, don’t let the inner critic hold you back, you can achieve anything in life if you choose to do this. We have a number of journals available from Amazon here and a brand new website coming soon.  Ralph and I are really excited about how our journals are going to develop people personally and professionally. Claire Moody is our head coach at Target Training, and you can read more about her here.  She delivers training on all personal development, coaching and numerous training the trainer courses.