In the current economic climate and as we come out of lockdown, it is essential that organisations (workforces) have effective leaders, who help the staff to be motivated. Not only will this make for a happier workforce, but it will lead to improved staff retention, recruitment and ultimately improved productivity; a successful business! The good news is that all organisations are capable of achieving a highly motivated and productive workforce. The bad news is that it costs! It cost in time and effort, but there is no Magic in managing people; it is quite a simple concept. However, to start improving your workforce's motivation you need to know two crucial things: Firstly, where are you starting from; is what you are currently doing working? If it isn't, or you don't know you need to find out; if you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same return.  You have to think differently. Secondly, if yours or the 'leaders' skills are coming up short, you need to reflect and be prepared to look at things from a different perspective. Here are some key tips regarding leading and motivating staff:
  1. Never assume people's motivation is the same as yours - Everyone has different reasons, but we need to educate and empower the intrinsic.
  2. Values are the key - People do not engage in positive behaviour because it is good for the organisation or because it pleases you; they engage in behaviour that feels the best for them to engage in.
  3. Take a look in the mirror - Are you really motivated and 'up for it', every day?
  4. A 'carrot or stick' approach is hard work  - Bigger sticks or carrots are needed as time passes. Intrinsic, positive motivation is what works when motivating a workforce
  5. Be persistent - It can take time for people to respond, but it will be worth it!
Ralph Moody is the founder of Target Training and specialises in trainer and management development.  You can read more about him here.