We are in unprecedented times and no doubt the next few months are going to be a massive strain for us, from a health point of view and an economic standpoint, our world is about to change.  We have decided to change our format for today's blog, over the coming weeks we will have some changes going on, including some changes in how we deliver our training courses. Yesterday, I met a lady in a store who was panicking because she couldn't get hand gel. Usually, I wouldn't say anything, I would probably ignore her, but I explained to her that hand soap (which there were plenty) was more effective against the virus and why it was in the fact it breaks down the grease which enables dirt and germs to stick to us.  Soap is better for us if we wash our hands properly.  I wanted her to be aware of this. Remember though, we all can make a difference in these times, in these situations the best thing we can do is have an understanding for other people and to be kind.
  1. Being kind can take a number of forms from having an understanding that people may not take adversity well and that they may struggle with what is actually going on. It is easy for us to have a judgement on these people, which although understandable, isn't very effective.
  2. Being kind could be helping out our elderly neighbours who can't go out; we could let them know we are here to help them if they need us.
  3. Being helpful and kind to healthcare professionals from Doctors on the front line to cleaners cleaning the floors.
We are going to go through some stressful times over the next few weeks.  One thing is for sure, though, we will get through this, we are going to come back stronger and wiser, and we will have learnt a significant amount.  Science and medicine are incredible, and they will find a solution for everyone. Being kind and understanding for everyone is critical currently, it will help us get through the next few weeks and create a very positive habit. As I said, we will be announcing some new things very soon that will help you develop over the following weeks and months.