All of us have a book to write, and we all could write plenty of chapters. What a great experience to do this to find how your journey has evolved and where you are today. There will be highs and lows, but overall the positive from it needs to be congratulated. Think about how much success you have had in life, the joys of living on this planet both at home and work. Just doing something is a success in life.

Then where do you go next, because your book is only partially written? How would you write on those blank pages, where do you want the journey to go, what would you like to see? I think in life we hit stuck areas, and on those stuck areas, we make choices sometimes forced. Some are in a direction that improves us some maybe not, but they are all a direction from stuckness or wanting change. Have you recognised that feeling, feeling stuck on something not knowing what to do next? I think this is a great time to sit with not knowing and see what pops up when you stare at the blank pages. There will be something, recognise what you notice and choose your destiny don’t let it just happen.

I would suggest that you start your book or diary and then sit with the blank pages. Think about what you would like to see on those pages. Just sit with that for a moment and imagine, visualise what you would like to see on them. Take control of your next direction; don’t just let things happen, make what you want to happen, happen. You choose your future and destiny; you can create anything if you decide to do this. I often hear those comments from people “I’m still here”, as they go into work and I do wonder why people don’t take more control in their life to change.

I think always to ask yourself what have you missed so far in your life? Is there anything you desperately wanted to change whether small or large but still procrastinate with it. Write that chapter, that will be an excellent chapter to self explore.

So, go ahead, write your next chapter, write what you would like to see, imagine, create the next stages of your life. Don’t let things happen and make the direction for you, create your path, be in control and start to write your next chapter.

Claire Moody is our head coach at Target Training, and you can read more about her here.  She delivers training on all coaching and numerous training the trainer courses.