As we enter a new phase of the crisis we are starting to have limitations placed on our freedom particularly on things that we take for granted and that are a habit in that we don't think about what we are doing; it's a habit. We're being told to limit our gathering in groups and to keep a minimum distance from others. The last weekend, in many places, looked like a bank holiday weekend with people congregating together and although our pubs and cafes are now closed, some were mixing closer than what they may do in a pub. We are also seeing shops packed with shoppers in such close proximity and members of our incredible health and social care sector unable to buy essential items because everything has been bought up. If you haven't seen the video made by the critical health nurse crying because she couldn't get her shopping, I urge you to watch it. I understand where people are coming from, like me, they want to enjoy the outside, and they also wish to ensure they have enough of things. However, they are ignorant, we all are. The reality is that people don't understand the seriousness of the situation. They don't realise what is about to unfold in the UK. If you follow statistics, we are now ahead of where Italy was the same time in the process. We need to get a grip, and we need to think and act responsibly. If we don't get a grip on the reality of the situation we are going to see not tens of thousands, but hundreds of thousands of people dying because our health services won't be able to cope. We are all accountable for our actions; the experts know what they are doing. Follow what they are saying and do what they say. They know what they are talking about, GET A GRIP!