A recent comment was made in the training room.

“I don't talk cry”

What’s your reaction?

As a trainer, we are going to meet every mindset. How do you deal with this in a training room knowing this sort of comment may not land very well with everyone in the group.

Well, what is going on here is based on how people make decisions. Some people put the problem before the person and others put the person before the problem.

It does not mean the person who made this comment is not a nice person, they are, they just make their decisions differently from some others.

You need to beware there may be a conflict between the opposites but then they complement each other see below -

The problem solvers find the person first illogical and overly emotional but they need them to be in touch with feelings, to persuade and reconcile.

The people first find the problem-solvers critical, cold, and insensitive but need them to be tough, to weigh costs and benefits.

This area can cause judgment, create a rupture, and can be quite critical within the safety of the training room.

We want to encourage learning for everyone, so be conscious of this in your training and coaching.

I feel it is massively important to understand how people make decisions very differently.

I go into this in much more detail in module two of our train the trainer academy learning gateway. This area along with many others is key to understanding behaviors and relationships. So needed within the training and coaching environment.

Not only have I put the lessons together I have put some reflective questions and templates to help you understand yourself and others around you.

See here -

I am immensely proud that we are guiding people on not only how to train correctly and effectively, but that we are also going the extra mile. Those of you who have signed up now know how Target works.

The guided lessons allow you to reflect and will allow you to focus on yourself.  Then join our fantastic coaching calls and community with questions 24/7.

Training is more than just a skill, we know that.