I think this is such a vast area that seems to be kept hidden in people’s closets. Lots of people struggle with low self-esteem; it is a hindrance to many. So, what is it?

It is a subjective evaluation of your own worth. It creates self-beliefs that hold you back. Low self-esteem affects so many people and creates problems for so many individuals. It affects your performance, creates anxiety and creates negative thoughts. It really is huge.

Lots of beliefs are created in your mind when you carry low self-esteem, things like; I am not good enough, I am going to fail, they think I am not good enough, really self-destroying and very destructive for some people. This feeds that wonderful inner critic, the voice that so many of us know about these days, the voice that holds you back. But the good news is you can change this, yes you can.

I think it’s such a good question to ask yourself where your self-esteem lies. High or Low, how high and how low? How do you rate yourself and value yourself? Think about your own beliefs and values? This will help you understand where your self-esteem may lie. I think a lot of us underestimate ourselves because we don’t want to say we have lots of strengths. We don’t feel comfortable saying we deserve something, good at something; it feels strange saying this to yourself, giving yourself appreciation. For some reason, a lot of people will choose to dislike themselves and not like themselves, such a sad pattern in people.

I really believe you can change your beliefs if you want to. You can change the negative beliefs to positive beliefs by accepting and making the decision to change. Think about it, you are as good as everyone else, and people are not out to get you. Love yourself, be happy with yourselves. When was the last time you told yourself you were proud of something you had done? Sadly, this will not be as much as you would have told yourself how useless you are.

We have one life and to hold yourself back and not make the most of your life is really very sad. But the good news is “You can do something about it”. You can change, you can think differently once you create the habit to look for the change; this is the starting point.

Just pause for a second.  Think about some of your strengths, don’t go straight for your weaknesses, look at your strengths. Once you have done this look at them and think about how you can improve on these, so they become outstanding. You will be able to make strengths stronger. You just have not been taught how to do this.

We have an online course on developing your self-esteem and you can see this on our website here. Claire Moody is our head coach at Target Training, and you can read more about her here.  She delivers training on all personal development, coaching and numerous training the trainer courses.