Our highly acclaimed Foundation Management Development Programme (FMDP) makes a comeback as an open course next year.  The course is perfect for individuals who are new to management or have been in management for a while and need to develop their management skills. The ILM accredited programme has a number of key areas delivered in several modules over a 4-month period and it is aimed at first-line managers and supervisors. This course will introduce vital skills to individuals and motivate them to be highly effective. Key areas of the course include:
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – managers need to be aware of personalities within a team but before they can understand others, they need to understand themselves first.
  • Delegation – essential for managers to understand how to delegate and key elements required including communication and feedback.
  • Time Management – understanding what is happening with our time is essential for effective management. Identifying ‘Time Bandits’ and doing something about them will ensure what we do with our time is more effective.
  • Dysfunctional Teams – knowledge on what makes a dysfunctional team and being aware of the pitfalls will improve managing and leading teams.
  • Managing Conflict – all managers are exposed to conflict and anyone in this role needs to be aware of what is actually going on and techniques to deal with conflict confidently.
The FMDP has received brilliant feedback from individuals over recent years: "I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of meeting Ralph as a delegate on one of his fantastic management training course. His knowledge and ability to reach you on a personal level is astonishing and has inspired me to improvements I did not think possible in both my personal and professional life."  Stuart Hicks, Group MD at The City & Capital Group "I completed an ILM accredited FMDP which was delivered by Target Training Associates. The content and delivery were first-class.  The skills and knowledge that I personally developed as a result of the course have increased my confidence and managerial ability. Attending this course has been substantially beneficial and will help me, my team and the organisations for years to come. Ralph demonstrated a high degree of expertise and understanding of the skills that managers need to become better leaders." Caroline Lofthouse, Head of Stakeholder Engagement, NOF Energy. The FMDP will be available as an open course in GlasgowNewcastle and London.  You can read more about the course and dates if you click on the relevant city.  You can book on our website or contact Ralph directly on 0800 302 9344 or email ralph.moody@targettrg.co.uk We are really looking forward to meeting our next group of delegates and giving them the skills to be a brilliant manager.