On our PTT Train the Trainer courses, a common statement is that people take so much from our training. We teach some fantastic skills and techniques, and it gives us a massive boost when we are told how much has been learnt attending our courses. You can see what delegates say on our Trustpilot page here.

What is more and more apparent from teaching hundreds of people over the years is that there is a crucial area that comes up repeatedly.

From the first PTT Train the Trainer course I delivered in 2005 to the last class I delivered this week, the same point appears again and again; on most courses, someone will say it, and it is simple:


Our delegates realise that the best trainers don't rely on PowerPoint; the best trainers use skills we teach to engage and facilitate learning.

Recently I even discussed with an enquiry who actually said to me "I just want him to read the PowerPoint slides". This mindset is often associated with people who don't understand what real training is all about. We all know what that is like, and it isn't fun, especially when you are at the wrong end of inadequate training.

On our course, when people realise this is the case, it is like an awakening; it has a calming effect. Knowing you don't need is brilliant, plus even better when you have the skills and techniques to engage and distract attention from you.

Ralph Moody is the founder of Target Training and specialises in trainer and management development.  You can read more about him here.