We all know we need to prepare for training.  The obvious essentials to all trainers would include that you should know your audience, knowing your subject and knowing where you are delivering.  We have all experienced trainers turning up with the wrong leads or IT that isn’t compatible.  Of course, this type of preparation is essential.  InfactI would go as far to say that anyone who doesn’t prepare like this is incompetent.  However, I want us to focus on some other areas of real preparation many a trainer fails to do.   Mental Readiness – How ready are you for the training regarding mental awareness.  Complacency can quickly take over especially if we have delivered the subject a few times.  I always spend some time relaxed and calm using powerful visualisations of me providing a great session and individuals getting involved and taking something positive from the training I am delivering.  When we visualise, we are practising, and this skill is essential if we want to improve our training delivery.  Of course, when we visualise, we should only focus on positive outcomes. Commitment – What level of commitment do you have for your delegates.  Are you just going through the motions or do you believe in what you are doing?  Are you prepared to go the extra mile for delegates and how will you do this?  Personally,  I expect all our trainers go the extra mile for delegates on their courses, and this isn’t just saying the words.  It’s in the actions that we take. Confidence -  What is your state of mind regarding confidence.  Are you appropriately confident or are you unsure of what you’re talking about?  Are you overconfident and could you do with some reflection to identify some development areas?  It is common for trainers to be careless especially if they have delivered training for years and this needs to be identified before complacency sets in. The more we prepare, the better we will get.  Of course, this type of preparation isn’t just done once as a one-off, we do it each day, not only once but again and again. Have real preparation in all aspects of your training. Before long, it becomes a habit and one that we will see brilliant results. Today I am delivering our PTT course online for the first time.  I will be using the above, wish me luck!!! Ralph Moody is the founder of Target Training and specialises in trainer and management development.  You can read more about him here.