I recently made a decision that had been long coming but took a while to make. Once I made this and then acted on this, the feeling afterwards I cannot underestimate. The power of making the choice I made created a shift in my outlook.

The fascinating thing is once this was made the avenues and roads just seemed to open up. My focus shifted and then looked at more possibilities that were open to me. The possibilities changed immediately, the choices that appeared were a lot more real than just thoughts in my head.

The reality is the majority of us stay in situations for too long, feeling stuck. We don’t always know we are stuck until after the decision has been acted on. When you get better at decision making you will look forward to making them.

The power of decision making can change so much in your life. I see so many clients who are clearly stuck in their life. Avoiding the fact, they need to make a decision, they may fear doing this because of something that may have happened to them in the past.

The common themes are relationships, organisations, and work. We get lost in the What If’s, fearing making the move. The worst thing that can happen is to not make one, to sit on something fearing something that maybe not there.

Through life and every single day, we make decisions, we just don’t think that we do. We have so many little habits made which have come from our decision making, we just seem to be unaware of this.

The word decision comes from Latin and it literally means “to cut off”. By making a decision we effectively cut out all other possibilities. We make them inaccessible. Remove them from the equation, they are no longer open to us.  We must always move forward, don’t let not making a decision hold you back, there is nothing to fear just opportunities to gain.

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