The last few weeks have changed the way we live our lives, looking around I see people in shock really from denial (it's only a cold) to being afraid where you see people panicking (buying things they don't need). Of course, this is perfectly normal, and there is nothing wrong with you, it's just not very useful. Schools are closing, workers are off sick, individuals are working from home and businesses are on the edge of destruction. Added to this, and of course, more importantly, we are worrying about our families, particularly the elderly. We are all feeling this, it affects everyone, and there is no escape! Remember, in all of this we have a choice, we can get frustrated, angry, blame, emotional and depressed, and all of these emotions are normal. They are just not very useful. We have to do things differently, we have to look for new ways of working, new ways of learning, new ways of socialising and new ways of thinking. How can we do this? We ask questions, "How can I do this differently?" "How can I ensure my business survives" "How can I ensure I remain healthy". When we ask ourselves questions, we have to look for the answer. Thinking differently will get us through this but remember, we don't just do this once, we do it again and again and again. Every day, every hour until it becomes a habit; a new app in our head and we keep asking the question again, again and again. In these days of uncertainty and it doesn't matter what you do, we all have a responsibility. We all have to work together and help others. We have to think, prepare and act in a responsible manner.

We will get through this, but we have to think differently.