Yesterday we heard Jenny Harries; the UK Deputy Chief Medical Officer suggest that we could be in 'lockdown' for 6-months. I am sure this prospect gave you a very negative feeling. It certainly did for me, and my first thoughts were how can we cope with this. Like many small businesses in the world this would be a significant impact on our business, and I know in many ways, we are lucky, so I know there will be many people out there worrying and wondering how they will cope. I am often accused of being a very positive person. People will often say to me in training sessions "I wish I could be as positive as you" or sometimes "Why are you always positive?" The fact is and like everyone in life, I have just as many challenges to face and like everyone, I have a choice. I can either be positive or negative, and I decide to choose the former.  In times of crisis, positive thinking is vital. Please don't go thinking I mean we must walk around saying "Everything's fantastic." In the current situation, it is much more than that; we could delude ourselves by using language like this. Being positive transcends the 'Fantastic' statement; don't get me wrong I like to use the 'F' word, but when we use it, we have to feel it, and of course, sometimes we don't. Furthermore, we must also act; thinking without acting is not really effective.   Many people don't realise that they do have a choice, yes, you do have an alternative. You can either think and act positively or think and act another way. I am going to be honest, the other way is quite often destructive, with not very good outcomes.   Most people I speak to agree with me about being positive. Sometimes though people will say "All well and good in theory but..." and of course it's not easy, it takes time, and it takes persistence. We have to make it a new habit, we have to do it again and again. With all the chaos going on around us now, stop what you are doing and write down three things you have to be positive about today. Here is mine from this morning: 1) I am healthy. 2) I have a fantastic wife and son who I love dearly. 3) I have a great skill, an extraordinary enthusiasm that is going to help me in my work today. Do this now, close your eyes and feel what it feels like to have these positives.   Stay safe, follow the government advice, dig deep and be positive. My name is Ralph Moody and I am the founder of Target Training Associates.  All of us want to thank all our fantastic NHS and Health and Social Care for looking after us at this time.