Those Apps on our phone?

Listen some of us have apps on our phones that we don’t want.

Look at your phone and how much tidying up does it need? Be honest with yourself, I bet you could delete a few.

Now I link the Apps on my phone to habits, how many habits do I want to get rid of?

What do I want to do about these? Yes, delete.

You are probably asking what does this have to do with training? Well, actually a lot.

Some of the habits we dislike for example a mannerism like saying OK or that we may rock on a spot (lower body language), or not sure what to do with our hands.

All our not-so-favorable habits kick in when we feel uncomfortable.

All of this affects how we come across as a trainer.

We really have to consider our Apps, those habits we have stored for example the words that trigger when feeling uncomfortable, I am not good at this, I will be caught out, these awful belief systems that just trigger.

This is why I talk about this and go into much more detail on one of my lessons in the confidence module on our train the trainer gateway.

Not only have I put the confidence module together with 10 very different lessons for trainers, but I have also put some reflective questions and templates to help you understand yourself and others around you. Very valuable to reflect on yourself and pay attention to the changes you want to make by deleting and recreating.

We know coaching is recognised as the most powerful aid to accelerating Personal Development and Performance. The proof is undeniable that coaching works.