When delivering training on our train the trainer and management courses, it is essential to be aware of and able to regulate your own emotions and those of others in the group.

I know personally that there are, at times, when your own emotions can run riot! If we are not careful, they can take control.

This emotional intelligence (EQ) can make the difference between a productive and enjoyable learning experience and one that is tense and stressful.

EQ skills are important for maintaining a positive attitude, managing stress levels, and keeping the group focused.

Additionally, being attuned to the emotions of others allows you to create a safe and welcoming environment where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas.

Unfortunately, EQ can be overlooked in many Train the Trainer courses as it is seen as psychobabble!

In my opinion, EQ is an essential component of effective training delivery. Those who are able to manage their emotions and create a supportive environment are more likely to facilitate successful learning outcomes.

I constantly reflect after a training session when emotions are running high; powerful questions to ask include what you could have done differently, incredibly powerful.