Both Ralph and I both have benefitted from writing journals and know they work and how they work. We advertise journaling on all our courses, training, coaching and management courses encouraging everyone to work on something personal to them. Life is all about continuous change and growing yourself to be the best you can be.

Due to the COVID-19 weeks in isolation, we had to think differently, quickly, and we thought. Let’s create our own journals! Why not? That was the ignition to get to work, and we have just launched three personal development journals, many more planned to follow. We have a new publishing arm JCRM Journals. We are taking decisive action from a very negative situation.

Throughout my coaching and supervision, it has become apparent that individuals’ levels of confidence, self-esteem and lack of positivity play a hindrance in their lives. People want to change, but I hear lots of words like “I try”, “If possible”, “I would like to”, which are all words; but they are words used when the commitment is not strong; they are not committed words. Writing in a journal every day for around 100 days, just a few minutes a day working on specifics will grow you in a particular specific area.

We decided to start with confidence, self-esteem, and the power of positivity; we are working on lots more journals at present. The three titles mentioned are huge areas for everyone, they affect some people more than others, but they are areas that are hidden in a lot of people. People hold these areas close to themselves because they don’t feel safe to share for fear of shame and showing vulnerability. Using a journal is very personal and helps you think about yourself.

Our journals are for a period of 100 days, perfect for writing a few words down every day. We have set questions throughout the journals, all appropriate to the subject. These will encourage your thinking and guide you to think differently. Little changes everyday work towards significant change, you have to be committed, and you have to want to grow in the specific area you are targeting.

You can buy JCRM Journals via Amazon, just click on the following links for Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Positive.

We are very excited about how we see JCRM Journals growing, an arm from Target Training; so many avenues where we can help people who with a little help can then help themselves, they just need direction.