Training of trainers is our speciality, and this week we have launched a great new feature on the A - Z of great training.

Using our social media outlets, we will be pushing out what we believe are the essentials from A - Z to providing brilliant training.

Scott Fraser, the lead master trainer on all our Train the Trainer programmes, launched the project and stated he was very excited about the prospect of using it as an effective learning tool:

"I love A to Zs, and I feel it is a great way to reinforce some key training elements all trainers should be aware of".

The A - Z posts will be available on Target Training's social media outlets which you can access here:

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The A to Z will be available soon as a development guide and written by Scott; it will be a valuable tool in any trainers toolbox.

Scott Fraser is a Master Trainer at Target Training and delivers our PTT Train the Trainer courses and our Advanced PTT Train the Trainer courses.  You can read more about him here.