If you want to make progress or significant changes in life, then get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I feel this is linked with stepping out of your comfort zone because being uncomfortable is good for you; it can help you develop in life. My background taught me that it was important to be slightly nervous before controlling aircraft, it is the same for pilots or any job where there is pressure.

That feeling you respond to just before you are placed in that uncomfortable position, what happens with that feeling? Before that feeling becomes second nature in your line of work, it is a point for losing some capacity due to your nerves. I personally used to have a little trip to the restroom to have the nervous pee before controlling live aircraft. The release of adrenalin needed to make me alert, that was me getting ready and building myself up before going on the console.

Throughout all of my training environment, I always had that feeling, but I remember some great words from one of my old trainers from the 1980s. He said, “the day you stop having that feeling is the day you stop controlling”, that was so true. This was the same when I learnt to fly, that uncomfortable feeling before I step into the plane, if I don’t get it then I don’t fly.

Through life it is about getting comfortable with that feeling you don’t like, this then can become normal, in my experience, it is so true, as when I am uncomfortable, it just feels normal. Bizarre really, it is so important though because that is how you will grow.

Life is so exciting when you look back and reflect. At times you don’t realise that some of the significant changes in your life have come from some feelings or a trigger, not words. Language is only 7% of communication, and body language is 55%, so the key is to pay attention to your body language and feelings, what do you notice. Think about what you see about yourself, recognise what is happening in you and learn to get comfortable with it.

Coaching can help and guide the process, and usually other points come out on the journey, it is hugely beneficial. I personally really like the feeling of being uncomfortable, it makes me move forward in life. I always look for it so that I can overcome it, I love the challenge. This feels normal to me as I have created that pattern. You can create any pattern you want; you have to want to do it. I genuinely look for the uncomfortable feeling; it feels normal now.

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