How often have you reflected on your way of looking at the world?  When you change paradigms, you are changing how you think about something. Have you ever reflected in how you view the world and how often someone changes your view of the world? Or maybe not? If not, why? Are you so judgemental in your decisions you choose not to listen subconsciously because you have already made your mind up?

Coaching does help change the way you may think about things, just by a few words by someone else can change the way that you think. Sometimes you wish to change, sometimes not? I often hear “I wish I could be more like”, well you can it is just the way you look at things, it is great to shuffle your paradigm so that you can make some change.

A paradigm is lots of little habits, think of the apps on your phone, you have plenty of those apps stored in your sub-conscious mind. To change or create a new App it requires a repetition of information. Like anything in life, you can change and become an expert by repetition.  You must choose to or see something differently.

Those great questions again what do you want to be different, how do you want to be different? When you watch and think about situations push your boundaries and watch others and how they view the world. Think about the variety of newspapers you can read and how they all report on one situation so very different.  It is the same with your situation, how do you want to think about things differently, force a new App in your subconscious mind, you can do it but sometimes you may need some guidance.

I always smile to myself when I hear people say” I refuse to read a certain newspaper”. I think that comes from people who have made their mind up and are not open to change. This can create a stronger view down one road without looking at things differently. I think it is essential to keep open minds, always look for change. I think you should read the newspapers you don’t like more! This keeps you more balanced and sometimes creates a shift in your internal world.

Get moving with those paradigms, reflect or be proactive and have some coaching. Coaching works it is confidential and can create a shift not once but often, very energising and of course incredibly powerful.

Claire Moody is our head coach at Target Training, and you can read more about her here.  She delivers training on coaching for managers courses, and you can learn more about these courses here and see dates here.