Our head is full of habits and patterns; this is where it is most comfortable. How difficult is it to create new habits, sometimes very hard so we choose not to do this? Pushing yourself to step out of your comfort zone is hard, forcing a new pattern is hard but you can always do it if you choose to do it.

Sometimes a coach can create that change for you by guiding a new habit, a change in the way that you think. We as human beings are very set in our ways, and the brain does not like change unless we force that habit in, a habit of enjoying a change. What a fantastic difference in the way you can think if you choose to. We often tell ourselves we can’t do things, sometimes the way to deal with that is to do what you fear most first; ensure you force that habit in.  The tasks of the day; do we tend to leave the one we don’t want to do till later, how about doing it first? Enjoy the feeling of completeness and the fact you dealt with it, force this new habit in yourself.

You can conquer anything if you choose to do it but think about you, where you are and what you notice in yourself. What do you do, ever reflected before but reflected? Have you looked at your habits? Such patterns that can re-occur in life, throughout your life. Remember you don’t have to stay with them, you can change them if you decide to do this then act on your decision to break your habit.

Habits are tremendous but create great ones, get rid of those you don’t like about yourself and recreate a change.  At the time of recognising you are about to do something which is an old habit, then stop and think about your decision, you have a choice. The choice to change the direction or the opportunity to stay the same, what do you want? The more difficult choice although wanting it will be the change of the direction of travel. However, once made a few times you can slowly change that habit. Keep a record at the end of the day, see what choices have come up and the directions you have chosen. A useful exercise to look at what you think you have done, to what you have done.

Claire Moody is our head coach at Target Training and you can read more about her here.  She delivers training on coaching for managers courses, and you can read more about these courses here and see dates here.