Have you ever thought to yourself what do I want to change, really change? Then actually address it? The biggest failure with a lot of people is holding yourself back, this then means never really working in an area you want to change, just accepting things as they are. Sometimes little changes make significant progress over time rather than one significant difference which is usually not gripped so that change does not happen. Little changes are the way forward.

Think about it, what would you like to change, why and how could you do things differently. Grade yourself and think why you have given yourself the grade? Whether you have given yourself numbers on the scale 0-10 or the A, B, C ask yourself why? And then where would you like it to be.

Then the hard work begins with what little changes you can make yourself. Sometimes coaching is required so that thinking is done in a different way, challenged. What do you want to be different, your overall goal? We all have deep desires and want to achieve and we can all achieve. Sometimes to achieve through some help from a coach on the side is what can help and improve you.

Expectations vs realism may creep into your thinking. Expectations can sometimes be unrealistic which is why little steps are better than one huge one. It is about starting to get to work on the change. Being proactive and not fearing mistakes and failure.

Yes, there are a couple of areas that do hold us back, that fear of failure thought and what others may think, the thought that you think someone else may think you are stupid. Fear of failure is all in our minds, our self-imposed rules which sometimes need to be targeted for change but can be done if we want to change something. That ‘be perfect’ driver that crops up again, wanting things to be perfect which of course most of the time is not needed. It is about being good enough and excepting it, I am a great believer in the 80/20 split which crops up in a lot of areas of life. This is all that is needed to move forward.

Coaching is brilliant, positive performance coaching works in this area, a great motivator and drive. This helps coachees realise they can do anything, yes actually do anything once helped and guided. Really start to think about a change you want to work on then start questioning your thinking, where you see yourself and where you want to be, the result. Then start working in little areas, keep the mindset to create change and make the changes but keep them small.  Always keep the end goal in sight, and you will be successful.

Claire Moody is our head coach at Target Training and you can read more about her here.  She delivers training on coaching for managers courses, and you can read more about these courses here and see dates here