When we do make decisions, (some of us find making decisions easier than others, and I have recently written a blog on this, see here) what direction do you go? Some of us, when faced with a decision, make the decisions in a lot more empathetic way; the choices are based much more about the person. Others make the decisions in a much more objective way, more task focused. It is interesting watching people make decisions and the reaction on the receiver’s face when there are opposites. Remember there is no right way, it is a balance.

If there is a difference with this preference between the decider and the receiver this may create problems in motivation. The problem with just being objective and task-focused is that it may appear cold and tough because it is about the task first. You usually find this preference may not show much appreciation initially; they may usually respond to negative comments better, with no issue and no bad feelings because it is about the task.

The other preference in decision making is where the decisions are much more relationship focused. This preference in individuals tends to struggle with making decisions at work because of not wanting to upset the individual. These decisions are much more about the relationship, wanting to please. You usually find this preference works at calming situations before they become a problem. Dealing with the undercurrent that can develop in workplaces.

Either way that you make decisions everyone is a nice person, it is the direction you choose.

Next time you have to make decisions reflect on your process, what was pulling at you, what were you uncomfortable with?

This area I suggest is critical when coaching. You need to understand YOU and reflect on the way you make your decisions.

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