As I sit and reflect on the year, yes I know it is early but I do like to do this. Where is your place to go to really reflect personally?

My favourite spot is by the pool in my wonderful villa in Florida. But the place is more than what it reads. It is my personal tranquil place where I always think about when I am faced with the adversity of any sort. Not only when I face adversity also when I am not in the greatest of moods or feel low about something or myself. Let's face it we all go there from time to time but where do you think about it and what triggers you to climb out of it.

My place is here, in the villa by the pool, this is where I visualise, just sitting here now is no different to when I visualise this special place when I am at home or work in the UK. The smell of the air, the pool, the greenery lovely freshly cut grass and watching the wildlife that appears from time to time. I think about all of this, the beautiful special mornings of just sitting after my run or walk. I visualise all of this plus more.

The most significant part for me is the listening personally, the water sound that trickles around the area. There is a little run of water that runs between the Spa and pool, and I always listen for this. For those who don’t visualise this may sound crazy, but it is not, it works. It is about creating the perfect place for you, the one place that you can hold internally to yourself.

That one place that creates such happy thoughts, using all of your senses, the sounds, the smells the visual snapshot you create. I love the feeling that comes from this, that special feeling that I feel run through my body as I feel so calm and comfortable. This is my place, this place works for me, and I can recall it at any time, and I do quite often when uncomfortable or in the face of adversity.

What is your place, where do you go? Do you go anywhere? Have you tried this? I can honestly say it is amazing and works fantastically well for calmness when at those times in life you need it. Whenever we feel those doubtful moments, the key is creation, the visualisation of the most wonderful place that fits your internal world. That very special place you can create in snapshot seconds that instantly creates a positive and fantastic feeling. Your own thoughts that can create feelings is where you can go if you choose to. It is about wanting to go there. Choosing too is a decision to be made and one that only you can take up.

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