I wrote my first guide because I was frustrated that people don't fully understand how they can improve themselves. Many don't fully understand that such minor changes will make such significant improvement in their lives and help their overall self-esteem and well-being. We can all improve ourselves significantly if we choose to. People are motivated but don't create habits that never lasts. Many focus on the negative, always a problem because it does not balance their thinking. It's easy not to actively look at strengths; what you do well? What time do you spend on reflection, really looking at themselves and how they come across. What about all the positives about themselves looking at making themselves better, not focusing on improving negatives improving the goods to outstanding's. I feel some miss out on life because they don't realise all of this. People hold themselves back because they feel not good enough, fear failure, so sad. I created my first guide because I genuinely like to support, guide and help people. I actively encourage coaching, and if I help one person, then that makes my guides worthwhile. I decided on small pocket guides, Cheaper than a cup of coffee, two hours of your life and something will trigger and encourage you to think yourselves maybe shift that paradigm. We are all so busy these days, two hours is easy, large books take time, and not everyone has that. Anyone travelling on planes, trains and as passengers in cars can spend a few minutes reading each page then reflect on themselves, really thinking about what triggers from the pages. What about having that coffee with a paper, papers are negative how about reading something to help yourself, my guide will do that. Quick and easy just what people want these days. Life is about being on a continuous learning platform and as we learn new things we need to digest and see what works for us. Little and often is my motto, it works. When I coach, I hear such patterns in people and symptoms, so I always work on looking for the diagnosis to get the changes, remember changes take time. I do hope you enjoy my first pocket guide, Self Coaching for Personal Development; If you wish to order a copy, you can order for Kindle via amazon here or PDF on our website here, I promise it is worthwhile. I have had such amazing positive feedback already, so it works try it what have you got to lose. Claire Moody is our head coach at Target Training, and you can read more about her here.  She delivers training on all coaching and numerous training the trainer courses.