We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Personal Growth and Wellbeing courses.

Learning is an essential element of personal growth. If you want to improve yourself personally and professionally, a great place to start is with personal growth and personal development courses.

Our wellbeing courses are focussed on awareness and prevention. In today's climate, mental health is essential, and our courses offer a pathway to mentally healthy wellbeing to enable positive support to mental health.

These remote courses and workshops are open events so anyone can register.  Initially, we are running the courses remotely using the Zoom platform with a future plan to deliver these courses at select venues when COVID allows.  Additionally, courses can be delivered in-house to organisations.

Ralph Moody, the founder of Target Training, explained why he believes this is a perfect time to launch these courses. "With COVID affecting so many people, I believe this is a perfect time to launch Personal Growth.  Moreover, with 1 in 6 individuals experiencing a mental health problem in the workplace, it is essential we have appropriately qualified Mental Health First Aiders to provide support and advice".

You can see further information on the current courses available by visiting our dedicated Personal Growth Section on our website here.  For further information contact us on 0800 302 9344 or email info@targettrg.co.uk.