In a follow-up to Ralph’s excellent blog on “5 Christmas gifts for Managers” I thought I’d do something similar but from a Trainer’s perspective.  I got thinking if I was to make the ultimate Trainers wish list for those “must have” items, what would they be?  Here are my top Christmas gifts for the Trainer in your life:

1. Electronic Clicker – I’m a great advocate for PowerPoint when it is used appropriately to support learning, not as the be all and end all.  Therefore, it is convenient to have an appropriate clicker. I recommend one that had both the slide forward and back, blank plus PPt open and close; usually available for around £20.  Don’t forget those vital spare batteries just in case!

2. Flip Chart Pens – Another essential item and one thing I personally never think you can never have enough of.  I recommend chisel tipped pens rather than bullet as they’re easier to write with and also make your writing neater.

3. A Decent Laptop or Electronic device – I’ve tried cheap and cheerful laptops, but they aren’t very robust to the rigours of many hours use and travelling. As a very minimum spec, the ones with good battery life will help as there are no guarantees that where you deliver will have accessible mains power.  Also, if it is compact, it’s going to be far better to travel with, and I’ve seen many trainers now who’ve converted to devices such as iPad’s and phones due to compactness and portability.

4. USB Stick – Whilst we are still on the subject of electronic devices, a USB stick with all of your media on it such as PPt, handouts, images, pictures etc is a must.  Any IT issues and this will allow you to instantly access your files on another desktop or laptop at the touch of a button.

5. A good Training bag with lots of pockets – If you train a lot, you are going to accumulate an awful lot of things to help you deliver effectively. Buy a decent bag that has lots of little cubby holes to accommodate everything you’ll want at hand whenever you train.

If you are lucky enough to get some of the items above in your stocking, then you are going to be nicely prepared to get your 2019 training year off to a great start! It goes without saying that as this is my final blog of 2018, I’d like to sign off by wishing you all a lovely Christmas and a great New Year of training in 2019!

Scott Fraser is a Master Trainer at Target Training and delivers our PTT Train the Trainer courses and our Advanced PTT Train the Trainer courses.  You can read more about him here.